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To make his debut as a singer in his thirties, one could argue Lywe to be a late-bloomer. In a life marked by wanderings it took him a decade or two to realise that music, being the natural constant, could actually be at the heart of his life.


From graduating as an actor to studying law and applied kinesiology, Lywe pursued many different paths. "It's like searching every corner on tinder for 2 decades, but ending up marrying your highschool sweetheart. I've been writing songs ever since I remember, but I always found excuses not to see myself as a "real" singer or a "real" songwriter. When I started working with Nina June, I realised the power of releasing music. Suddenly songs I wrote were existing in the real world. One night I found myself watching her band play the music live, and it all became so tangible. I could see how music I made moved people. I heard of people having their wedding dance on one of the songs, about a woman giving birth having Nina's album on repeat.

That's when I realised I had to get over myself. My own objections and insecurities are not nearly as interesting as the meaning music can have in other people's lives."


For the past 4 years Lywe has been working as a songwriter and producer for other artists, as well as writing music for television and theatre. An urge to narrow the distance between his inner world and the outside world is what's now driving him from the sidelines to the pitch, releasing his own music for the first time.